Israeli Politicos: New Testament Is ‘Anti-Semitic’

• Knesset members encourage growing number of attacks against Christian holy sites. • A cracked gravestone in a Jewish cemetery draws howls of international outrage, but none of these attacks have received More »


A Thorn in Their Side

• A candid interview with author Victor Thorn: AFP’s secret weapon against the New World Order. By Dave Gahary — Although AMERICAN FREE PRESS has a top-notch staff of writers who bring More »


Bilderberg to Meet In Europe Again

• Early reports indicate secretive cabal may meet in Austria in 2015. By Mark Anderson — A five-star conference center in the majestic Austrian Alps may be the site of the 63rd More »


September 11 Back in the News

By Victor Thorn — It’s been nearly 13 years since the September 11, 2001 terror attacks, yet those devoted to 9-11 truth are still exposing an abundance of lies that were disseminated More »


Warning to Journalists

• Don’t let the truth slip in to your reports on Israeli invasion of Gaza or you’re fired! By Mark Anderson — Journalist Christopher Hedges is among the few influential American reporters More »


Is ‘IS’ a CIA-Mossad Creation?

By Pete Papaherakles — The leader of the radical Islamic State (IS), Abu Bakr al-Baghdadi, has been reputed to be a Mossad-trained operative whose real name is Elliot Shimon, the son of More »


Bankers Suck Lifeblood from Argentina

• Argentine people battling piratical plutocrats behind economic genocide of nation. By Ronald L. Ray — Paul Singer is not a nice guy. The Jewish billionaire head of Elliott Management Corp. and More »


Currency Deals Threaten Supremacy of U.S. Dollar

• Swiss banks jump on China’s yuan bandwagon. By Bill White — Switzerland’s National Bank and the People’s Bank of China have reached an agreement to swap their respective currencies, meaning the More »


Western Media Just Propaganda Shills for War-Hungry Masters

• U.S., Western media outlets claim Russian troops destroyed by rag-tag Ukraine military militias after ill-fated invasion to whip up war fever among people of America, Europe. By Paul Craig Roberts — More »


Whistleblower Has NSA Quaking

• U.S. and western intelligence agencies fear Snowden has even more earth-shattering secret information to reveal. By Richard Walker — It’s been well over a year since media outlets first reported in More »


AFP EXCLUSIVE: U.S.-Israeli Plot to Kidnap Edward Snowden Foiled

By Richard Walker — A plot by the Central Intelligence Agency (CIA) and Israel’s Mossad to kidnap National Security Agency (NSA) whistleblower Edward Snowden was foiled by agents of Russia’s intelligence agency, More »


Comments Are Now Available Under Every Article

Comments are now available under every article on this website. Please post responsibly. All posts containing SPAM will be deleted ASAP. AMERICAN FREE PRESS will never censor comments based on the political More »

Who Really Shot Down Malaysian Flight MH17?


• Don’t trust the mainstream media to investigate. By Pete Papaherakles — Although the United States and Britain and their media claim that pro-Russian separatists with the support of Russian President Vladimir Putin took down Malaysian Airlines flight MH17, they still have offered no real evidence. Yet they

World Believes U.S. Greatest Threat to Global Peace


By Paul Craig Roberts — The consequence of Washington’s reckless and irresponsible political and military interventions in Iraq, Libya and Syria has been to unleash evil. The various sects that lived in peace under the rule of Saddam Hussein, Qadaffi and Assad are butchering one another, and a

NATO Allies Refuse U.S. Troops, America Compared to Soviets


By Bill White — The governments of the Czech Republic and Slovakia, two Eastern European nations that joined the North Atlantic Treaty Organization (NATO) after the collapse of the Soviet Union, have refused permission for the United States, the leading NATO member, to base troops in their countries.

Congress Snubs Vicar of Christ


• House honors Israel ad nauseam but won’t recognize Pope Francis. By Michael Collins Piper — Anyone familiar with the official congressional record knows full well that hardly a week—maybe even a day—goes by that a representative or senator doesn’t stand up and loudly offer a tribute to

Christianity in Mideast Vanishing


• U.S. policies create animosity; All denominations targeted; Christians martyred by IS. By Richard Walker — Across the Middle East, Christians are being slaughtered and forced to leave the lands of their birth. The tragedy began with the destructive policies of the Bush-Cheney era, which provoked increased sectarian

Jews Who Control Hollywood Tell Stars: Better Not Mention Palestine


• New No. 1 Rule in Hollywood: Don’t utter the “P” word if you want to keep your career alive. By Michael Collins Piper — It’s official: Right now the No. 1 rule in Hollywood is that you can talk about anything political—except Israel’s attack on the Christians

ADL: The Entire World is ‘Anti-Semitic’


. . . but especially the Orthodox Church. By Pete Papaherakles — Although the United States, Britain and their media allege with certainty that pro-Russian separatists with the support of Russian President Vladimir Putin were the ones who shot down Malaysian Airlines flight MH17, they offer no real

How to Decode News Reports in the Mainstream Media About Palestinian Genocide


• World catching on to truth about Israeli genocide despite meticulous crafting of message by Zionists. By Ronald L. Ray — The Zionist power elite are masters of the Big Lie. They have convinced the credulous of this world that unbridled destruction is a “targeted attack” and that

Obama’s ‘Refugee Crisis’ Revealed


• Expert says Mideast is where real humanitarian disaster exists. By Victor Thorn — The numbers are genuinely staggering. According to a June 20, 2014 United Nations report, refugees worldwide have now topped 51 million. This type of mass displacement hasn’t been seen since Europe, Russia, Asia and

Czech Republic, Poland, Slovakia Suspicious of U.S.


By Bill White — Poland has joined the Czech Republic and Slovakia in pondering a defense strategy independent of the North Atlantic Treaty Organization (NATO) and United States security guarantees of dubious value. “The Polish-American alliance isn’t worth anything,” Polish Foreign Minister Radoslaw Sikorski said recently on a

Ebola in America


• Government imports deadly virus despite fears it will spread. By Victor Thorn — With the death toll in Africa from the deadly Ebola virus nearing 1,000 and total cases over 1,700, what insanity compelled United States officials to bring infected patients to Atlanta’s Emory University Hospital for

EXCLUSIVE INTERVIEW: Mark Anderson Speaks with Congressman Jones


• NAFTA, CAFTA have destroyed life for workers not only in America, but Central America, too. By Mark Anderson — WASHINGTON, D.C.—In an exclusive interview with this AMERICAN FREE PRESS reporter, Representative Walter Jones (R-N.C.) contends that the Central American Free Trade Agreement (CAFTA) has so impoverished the economies

Americans Take to the Streets Over Alien Invasion


• Across U.S., citizens protest insane immigration policy adopted by Obama, Holder.  By John Friend — RAMONA, Calif.—During the past week, the crisis along the United States-Mexico border and the invasion of America by illegal aliens has not generated as many headlines as it has in previous weeks.

Israel Stealing, Murdering Its Way Through Palestine


• Establishment politicians, media refuse to stand up for real victims. Paul Craig Roberts — As Zionists have endeavored to teach the world for decades, Israel is not subject to criticism. Only Jew-haters, anti-Semites and people who want to gas Jews and boil them in oil criticize Israel.

The West’s Reckless Rush Towards War With Russia

33_Putin and Obama

By Paul Craig Roberts — On a number of occasions recently I have made the point that the psychopaths in control of Washington are driving the West to war with Russia. The lies that the Obama regime and Western presstitute media are hurling at President Putin are even