FREE REPORT: Presidential Candidate Review

FREE REPORT: Presidential Candidate Review


The upcoming national election on Nov. 6, 2012 could be one of the most important in this country’s history, coming at a pivotal time when the United States is teetering on the verge of bankruptcy, unemployment is at an all-time high, especially among the younger generation, and our foreign policy is controlled by another nation.

Taxpayers waste hundreds of billions of dollars every year maintaining the plutocrats’ global empire. The U.S. military is fighting multiple wars and is currently occupying 130 countries.

All of these critical issues need to be addressed in the next few years, because should a vibrant, popular and charismatic president be elected who is pro-Main Street, fiscally conservative and puts America-first, there is a good chance we can turn this country around.

The following special report written by the editors at AMERICAN FREE PRESS presents the presidential candidates of the top political parties in the United States.

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