The Ebola Enigma

• Former CIA insider warned of staged Ebola outbreak. • Academic alleges EVD a result of bio-terror experiment.  By Victor Thorn — There has been a lot of talk that the mainstream More »


Another Black Thug Shooting Sparks Riots and Cries of “Racism”

• Black community convinced it’s being targeted by racist white cops when in fact the root of the problem lies in the decay of black communities. By Pete Papaherakles — Another “white More »


Guess Who’s Profiting From the Destruction of Gaza

• Israelis will make $7 billion off rebuilding projects. By Richard Walker — Just when you think you’ve heard it all about Israel’s murderous bombardment of Gaza, you discover there is much More »


Did Mossad Sabotage Iranian Nuke Facility?

• Unexplained explosion rocks Iran’s Fordow plant. By Ronald L. Ray — In what appears to have been part of a carefully orchestrated propaganda campaign, a large, night-time explosion on October 5 More »


Rothschilds Target Brazil’s Central Bank

• Zionist-controlled banking community using “first black president” to push agenda on world’s workers. By Bill White — International bankers are financing Brazilian Socialist Party presidential candidate Marina Silva against Brazil’s current More »


U.S. Using Oil to Punish Russia

• Geopolitical machinations in the oil market benefiting Americans at the pump. By Dave Gahary — With its sanctions regime failing against Russia, is Washington now trying to wage economic war on More »


AUDIO INTERVIEW & ARTICLE: Former Federal Prosecutor Reveals DoJ Corruption in New Book

AFP AUDIO INTERVIEW A former United States federal prosecutor has written a book that confirms that the highest levels of prosecutorial power in this country have been and still are subverting the More »


Amazon.com Targeted by Censors

• Thought police “gatekeeper mafia” pushing book-selling behemoth to censor content. By Victor Thorn — Amazon, the billion-dollar online bookseller, stands as a test case in regard to whether free expression or More »


Virginia Files Billion Dollar Suit Against Banksters

• Virginia files lawsuit against plutocrats who conned state with toxic mortgages. By Ronald L. Ray — True to its state motto — “Sic semper tyrannis,” or “Thus always to tyrants” — More »


U.S./Israel “Special Relationship” on Ice

• Animosity grows between Israeli, U.S. leaders over criminal settlements policy of Zionist state. By Richard Walker — The signs were all there that President Barack Hussein Obama and Israeli Prime Minister More »


Was Jim Traficant Murdered?

• No immediate evidence suggests Jim was the victim of foul play, but a pathologist wants to examine all possibilities before releasing final ruling on cause of death. By Pete Papaherakles — After More »


Gun Control is Dead

• Next generation of American firearms will be produced in your home. By Dave Gahary — If you’re looking for a unique Christmas gift this holiday season for a friend or family More »

Israel Will Invade Lebanon; D.C. Invents New Terror Group


• Propaganda barrage under way. By Richard Walker — Israel is gearing up for a war with Hezbollah in Lebanon. Proof that a bloody confrontation is in the works can be drawn from statements made on September 9 by Israeli Colonel Dan Goldfus. In a television broadcast, he

Sanctions Against Russia Doomed?


• European nations concerned about keeping the pipelines open, not punishing Putin. By Ronald L. Ray — Efforts by the United States, European Union (EU) and Zionist plutocrats to isolate Russia and harm its people through economic sanctions seem doomed to failure, if recent energy news out of

Comrade Hillary


• Mrs. Clinton has some disturbing Marxist connections. By Victor Thorn — Americans must ask themselves a question: Do they want another president who is the disciple of a Marxist radical by the name of Saul David Alinsky? Then you might want to rethink things if you are

The Real Reason Holder Quit


By Keith Johnson — On September 25, 2014, Attorney General Eric Himpton Holder, Jr. officially tendered his resignation as President Barack Hussein Obama’s chief prosecutor, two days after he was ordered by United States District Court Judge John D. Bates to turn over non-privileged documents responsive to a House

Jim Traficant Remembered: All-American Hero


By Pete Papaherakles — On September 27, former United States Representative Jim Traficant (D-Ohio) passed away after suffering a terrible accident involving an antique tractor on his farm four days earlier. Those who knew the former congressman will always remember him for his larger-than-life personality, his even bigger

Jewish Animal Sacrifice in America’s Streets Protected by Government


• A ‘fowl’ holocaust highlights Jewish power. By Dave Gahary — While AMERICAN FREE PRESS reported in December, 2011 on how Orthodox Jewish child sex predators are protected by various American law enforcement authorities, we can now add hundreds of thousands of chickens to the list of victims

Jim Traficant, America’s Last Real Congressman, Dead at 73


Everyone here at AMERICAN FREE PRESS who had the great honor to get to know James A. Traficant, Jr. is heartbroken by his passing. Jim left us Saturday, September 27, 2014, after succumbing to injuries sustained from a tractor accident. Thank you for all your calls, letters, emails

Israel Keeping Palestine in State of Poverty, Fear


By Victor Thorn — While the beheadings of journalists in Iraq and the Obama administration’s bombings of Iraq and Syria have monopolized most of the daily news cycles, the poor Palestinians, who recently suffered weeks of relentless bombings at the hands of the Israeli military again, have been

Secret Plan by Putin, Obama to Strike ISIS?


• Obama seeks Putin’s help while McCain & Co. push for all-out ground war. By Richard Walker — In what has the potential to be the right way forward, President Barack Obama and Russian President Vladimir Putin have struck a deal to allow the United States to strike

Local Police Rejecting Free U.S. Military Gear


• Under pressure from locals, police departments across America start returning military hardware to Army. By Keith Johnson — Have Americans finally grown tired of watching their local peace officers transform into battle-ready soldiers? Throughout the nation, fed-up townsfolk are sounding off against the military occupation of their

Secessionists Plow Ahead in Europe; 25% of Americans Ready to Secede


• Scotland’s recent failed independence attempt isn’t stopping intrepid European nationalists. By Ronald L. Ray — Scotland had an historic opportunity to throw off peacefully the yoke of centuries of English rule. But on September 18, 55% of the largest Scottish electorate in history, which included 16- and

Billionaires Bet on Market Crash


• Top money men dumping their stocks, seek hard assets before market crash. By Christopher J. Petherick — At least five billionaires have indicated that they are moving considerable sums of money out of the stock market and into hard assets like silver, gold and even cash in

Federal Reserve Free-for-All; Audit the Fed Bill Passes House


• How the globalists propose handouts from the Federal Reserve and why that’s a bad thing. By Mark Anderson — Monetary issues are coming to the fore like never before. Even while Swiss voters will decide fairly soon whether to institute a universal basic income—distributed to both the

“Nationalize the Fed,” says Monetary Expert


• American Monetary Institute president Stephen Zarlenga says Kucinich bill the solution. By Keith Johnson — Few would deny that predatory bankers have been feeding off the blood and treasure of the American people for far too long. So what’s being done about it? Though many have stepped

Crowning Barack Obama ‘King of the Neocons’; The War President


• Obama continues policies of Republican predecessors with even more zealousness. By Richard Walker — While George W. Bush and Richard Bruce “Dick” Cheney used the pretext of 9-11 to launch their crusade that resulted in the deaths of hundreds of thousands of Iraqis and Afghans, the deaths