AUDIO INTERVIEW: Who’s Afraid of Political Correctness? Not This Guy

AFP AUDIO INTERVIEW Wicomico County, Maryland Sheriff Michael A. Lewis has grabbed the national stage recently with his no-nonsense, politically-incorrect comments on the Baltimore riots. Now, Dave Gahary had a chance to More »

29_30_FIght Disease

Fighting for Your Health Freedom

• In the “Land of the Free,” Americans have no right to choose treatments. By James Spounias — If you’re an American who is seriously ill and you want to use a More »


Putting the ‘Hood’ in ‘Neighborhood’; ‘Sanctuary Cities’ Anger Many Americans

 • House of Representatives moves to halt Obama forced-diversity scheme. By Robert Romano — The Department of Housing and Urban Development (HUD) has finalized its “Affirmatively Furthering Fair Housing” rule that empowers More »


70,000 Whites Murdered in ‘Modern’ South Africa; Obama’s African Legacy

By Paul Fromm — Since Nelson Mandela and the communist African National Congress (ANC) took over South Africa, more than 70,000 whites have been murdered and untold numbers have been robbed, raped More »

Israel & Germany: An Abusive Relationship

• Israeli spokeswoman’s remarks reveal exploitation. By Ronald L. Ray — On June 25, Israeli daily Ha’aretz published a stunning story, revealing the Jewish terrorist state’s heretofore unspoken manipulation of Germany for More »


Israelis Court Kurds

• Israelis convince Washington that Kurds can do the fighting and dying in war against ISIS. By Richard Walker — The United States has persuaded its North Atlantic Treaty Organization (NATO) allies More »


Hypocrite McCain Has No Right to Criticize Trump

The following excerpt is from veteran John “Top” Holland’s book, PERFIDY: The Government Cabal That Knowingly Abandoned Our Prisoners of War and Left Them to Die, published by AMERICAN FREE PRESS to More »


The Black Church-Burning Hysteria

• Yellow journalists are crying “racism,” but are they really just crying “wolf”? By John Tiffany — The mainstream media is on a roll, reporting that, in the aftermath of the Charleston More »


Killing a Mockingbird

• Sequel to Pulitzer Prize-winning classic that glorified racial integration leaves millions horrified by white protagonist’s 180° turnaround. By Dave Gahary — MONROEVILLE, Alabama—Hundreds of Southerners happily lined up at the Ol’ More »


Citizens Rally to Defend Flag

• Many Americans see rebel flag issue as first salvo in new culture war. By Paul T. Angel STAFFORD, Virginia—While South Carolina Governor Nimrata Nikki Randhawa Haley and a bevy of vote-hungry More »


Donald Trump Strikes Chord With Voters

• Americans, fed up with politics as usual in D.C., see billionaire Trump and socialist Sanders as more in tune with what’s wrong with nation. By Patrick J. Buchanan — In the More »


People Suspicious About ‘Jade’

By John Friend — Shuttered Walmarts. Martial law. Gun confiscation. Rounding up dissidents. FEMA camps. Total tyranny. These are some of the concerns and allegations being made about Operation Jade Helm 15, More »


Texas To Federal Reserve: Give Back Our Gold

• Texas wants $1 billion in gold back from the Federal Reserve. • State also wants to take care of its own border security. By Victor Thorn — Texans are so fed More »


In Honor of All Who Died Serving Our Country . . .

This Memorial Day weekend, let’s give back to them and theirs the greatest gift, so their deaths will not have been in vain. It’s time to learn your rights as an American. More »


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AFP AUDIO INTERVIEW Although June was undoubtedly not a good month for Americans proud of the heritage, culture and traditions ensconced in this country, founded and made successful by white northern Europeans over four centuries ago, the assault on the Confederate battle flag and the activist Supreme Court

The Growing Anti-White Agenda; Obama’s Overt Cleansing of White America; Rebel Flag Desecrated


 • Event in South Carolina opens door to advance radical cultural change. By John Friend — In the aftermath of the alleged mass shooting at a historic black church in Charleston, South Carolina, reportedly carried out by Dylann Storm Roof, a disgruntled and alienated 21-year-old white man, Democrats

Charleston Event Resurrects Debate About Anti-Psychotic Meds & Mass Murders


• Charleston shooter was arrested with prescription drug in possession earlier this year. By James Spounias — The alleged June 17 murder of nine black church parishioners in Charleston, South Carolina, reportedly by Dylann Storm Roof, has once again highlighted the connection between antipsychotic medication and mass shootings.

U.S. Training Terrorists


• Deep roots of CIA’s recruitment and use of terrorists revealed. By Ronald L. Ray — A recently released, formerly secret Defense Intelligence Agency (DIA) report and a new book have proven what AMERICAN FREE PRESS long has been telling its readers: the United States, particularly through “intelligence”

A New Russian Revolution; Merlin Miller Visits Mother Russia

Russia's President Putin toasts with Saudi Arabia's Ambassador to Russia Al-Rassi after receiving a diplomatic credential from him during a ceremony at the Kremlin in Moscow

• Russia-Saudi Arabia trade agreements signal end of U.S. oil hegemony. By Ronald L. Ray — The death of the American empire may be near, and woe to those under its sway. On June 20, Russia Insider reported that six new trade deals with Russia were signed by

Elite Media Stokes Flames of Violence


• Mainstream moguls find “white-on-black” oppression narrative sells papers, get viewers. By Patrick J. Buchanan — Half a century ago this summer, the Voting Rights Act was passed, propelled by Bloody Sunday at Selma Bridge. The previous summer, the Civil Rights Act became law on July 2. We

Vote for Border Protection


• We can stop the “Third Worlding” of America by voting against rampant immigration, diversity. By Patrick J. Buchanan — Thousands of U.S. troops safeguard the border of South Korea. U.S. warships patrol the South China Sea to stand witness to the territorial claims of Asian allies against

Slow Track, Not Fast Track


• America needs to slow track trade deals, not fast track them. By Leo W. Gerard — In close votes in June, a majority in the U.S. House and Senate chose to continue glomming onto the same tired, old, broken-down trade tactics that have closed American factories, cost

The Trans-Pacific Partnership: It’s Free Trade on Steroids


• Prominent author takes aim at “Trojan horse” of globalist interests. By Dr. Adrian H. Krieg — The Trans Pacific Partnership (TPP) is a treaty involving 12 nations, essentially an expansion of “free trade,” the “Trojan horse” of multinational and globalist interests. The planned treaty consists of 29

Will the Seizure of Russian Assets Kill the Dollar?


• America, Western bankers risk war with Putin rather than see Russia and China challenge the global supremacy of the U.S. dollar. By Former Rep. Ron Paul — In mid-December, while much of the world focused on whether the Federal Reserve was going to raise interest rates or

Black Guy Takes a Cue From the Jews


Jews have been doing it for decades, and maybe millennia: spray-painting swastikas and other “anti-Semitic” messages on homes, cars, streets and businesses in hopes of drumming up sympathy for their poor cult and for a variety of other reasons. Here are just a few examples. The first one’s

Free Speech Under Assault in Landmark Montana Case


• Americans need to be aware: Internet speech rights threatened. By John Friend — A 28-year-old man is being charged and prosecuted for “hate crimes” in Flathead County, Montana, after he allegedly threatened children and Jews in a series of posts he made to his personal social media

Octogenarian Arrested for Questioning WWII History on TV


By John Friend — Ursula Hedwig Meta Haverbeck-Wetzel, an 86-year-old German woman who was ethnically cleansed from her home following WWII, has been arrested following her appearance on a public television program in Germany. There, she openly disputed the state-sanctioned-and-enforced “Holocaust” narrative of WWII, describing it as “the

Free Speech Almost Dead


• Educators sacked for voicing their opinions points to irrelevancy of free speech guarantees. By Dave Gahary — If you had any reservations that freedom of speech in the United States is a quaint concept that has been sacrificed on the altar of political correctness and expediency, it’s

INTERVIEW: The Future for Whites Lies in the Heartland

• Pastor believes breaking America into three nations could provide haven for whites. By Victor Thorn — Pastor Thomas Robb, a longtime political organizer and radio talk show host, sees a time—possibly within the next 20-30 years—when this nation will be severely divided along geographic lines. On June